In 2028, we will celebrate 150 years of Jesuit education at Xavier College.  This is an incredible milestone that speaks to many generations and countless lives developed and connected through their experience at Xavier.  It is a legacy to be respected, celebrated and cherished.  And yet, ongoing relevance and legacy requires an evolving vision.  It can never be taken for granted, it is earned every new day, and it needs to bridge past bonds and accomplishments with an even brighter future.

Welcome to the new Strategic Plan for Xavier College:  XC150

As we look ahead towards our 150-year milestone and the many decades to come, we are entirely centred on an aspiration of developing not simply the fullest capacity of our College, but more so, the fullest capacity of each and every young person walking through our gates.

This Strategic Plan holds true to enduring Jesuit ideals, while also being bold and idealistic as we pursue an inspiring, liberating and transformative vision for education.

Our Intent is clear and is underpinned by seven Pillars that signal key values, priorities and future actions.  We are centred on creating cultures, programmes and places to enhance and inspire the development of our students – our Graduates – who will leave Xavier with strong and life-affirming values to make a difference in the world.

We recognise too that this world is changing, and that we must change with it.  Our present global transformation challenges all in how we think and interact, in how we collaborate and innovate, in how we engage meaningfully and respectfully with others, in how we seek solutions to address the diverse issues and challenges of our time.

And so we at Xavier College want to prepare our students to meet these challenges and issues, to understand and nurture their own gifts, and to realise their fullest capacity.  We believe that the hallmarks of our distinct Jesuit character, highlighted in the principles and values articulated in the Pillars of this plan, in conjunction with courageous, innovative thinking in the construct of inspiring learning experiences designed to impact the mindset and perspective of our students, will enable them to be graduates who are able to thrive in, and positively contribute to, the present and future realities of our world.

This Strategic Plan is a foundational document that frames future actions that will emerge in the immediate and through the coming years.  Our progress can be tracked through our XC150 website, and we will regularly update and engage with our community on the decisions and actions we are taking.

We seek to comprehensively fulfil our aspirations, in this decade and those beyond, because we at Xavier College, aspiring to be world-class in all we do, will be relentless in striving to develop exceptional graduates through inspiring learning experiences and our distinct Jesuit character.

Sursum Corda



Xavier College aspires to be world-class in all we do.

We strive to form exceptional graduates

through inspiring learning experiences

and our distinct Jesuit character.

Our Graduates

Our students are at the heart of all we do.

Through their Xavier journey, we strive to form exceptional Xavier graduates who are:

  • Authentic by their integrity, inquiry, reflection and conscience
  • Spiritual through faith, hope and love
  • Positive in their action, their diverse intelligence and competence, their leadership and accomplishment
  • Inspiring, courageous and committed in making a difference in the world
  • Resilient, embracing vulnerability and diversity and thriving on challenge and adveristy
  • Empathetic, compassionate, with generous hearts, who value community and act for and with others



Xavier College is a Catholic school within the spiritual and educational tradition of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits)

Our inspiration is Jesus Christ, the model of fulfilled human life.


Guiding Principles

We are guided by principles that call us to:

Protect and develop the whole person

  • Having a personal concern and care (Cura Personalis) for the whole life of each member of our College community forming our students intellectually, spiritually, morally, aesthetically, physically, socially and emotionally
  • Protecting and safeguarding the wellbeing of all students in our care

Form men and women of faith to work for justice in the world

  • Forming members of our community to serve God in the world
  • Having a committed and practical concern for those in need, such that students, staff and parents make an explicit connection between their Catholic faith and their work for justice in the world

Pursue excellence in humanity

  • Welcoming all to Xavier College, where they can flourish and passionately pursue excellence in all things, encouraging each person to live out their vocation in life by developing their God-given gifts to the best of their ability

Seek discernment and wisdom

  • Developing a self-reflective disposition in members of our community, particularly in students, preparing them to make informed decisions in accordance with their conscience
  • Preparing the individual to find God in all things through the use of each person’s imagination and creativity, and the integration of faith and reason

Engage critically with the world

  • Courageously and respectfully engaging with world cultures and perspectives
  • Critically pursuing a depth of learning by reflecting on experience and being moved to action

Strive for the Magis

  • Developing a desire to strive for the Magis. The Jesuit ideal of Magis is a thirst for ‘depth’, for the greater good and for the most courageous response to the challenges of our time.



Our Jesuit



We are guided by principles that call us to:

1. Engage the human in the conviction that God can be found in all things and that Jesus is the model of a fulfilled human life

2. Nurture discipleship by seeking, questioning and exploring faith, inclusive of inter-religious dialogue, and so developing an intelligent understanding and practice for today’s world

3. Promote personal formation through reflection, stillness and discernment, and the conscious practice of Ignatian spirituality, particularly through the Examen

4. Foster liturgical life and prayer, reflecting the Jesuit tradition through encounter with the Spiritual Exercise

5. Enhance the practice of Ignatian service and its associated programmes and immersion experiences, underscoring a faith seeking justice and a desire for action, healing and life-long engagement with indigenous peoples, refugees and all those in need


Inspiring Learning


We inspire our students by enabling our faculty to:

1. Foster an aspirational and rigorous culture of learning and understanding of educational excellence, establishing a Xavier learner profile with core skills and dispositions

2. Embed a Xavier teaching paradigm, promoting an aligned teaching and learning methodology through the College, and ensuring an aligned continuum (stages) of learning that is exceptional in developing the capacity of all students and best practice in education

3. Develop a progressive curriculum, conscious of the liberal arts traditions of the College, which fosters innovation, diversity and relevance for contemporary and future educational and work-related realities and possibilities

4. Supplement the creation of innovative, inspiring learning spaces with impactful learning programmes and dynamic collaborative experiences with tertiary and industry sectors

5. Dynamically utilise data to inform reflective practice and understanding of all learners, and in combination with research and wider technology adoption, to promote thinking, planning and actions for students and staff


Student Life

1. Foster an environment that clearly prioritises the social and emotional wellbeing of all students, promoting our commitment to cura personalis (the care of the individual) and pastoral care, and positively impacting upon relationships, resilience, school culture and the broader societal engagement of our students

2. Embed an exceptional child safe environment that promotes respectful relationships and is benchmarked and confirmed through quality accreditation

3. Enable student voice, participation, responsibility and leadership through an inclusive engagement with students at all levels and the promotion of their relational capacity and communication skills


4. Foster a supportive and aspirational student culture based on respect, integrity, generosity, companionship, reflection and relationships, giving life to the ASPIRE character dispositions and the formation of exceptional Xavier graduates

5. Advance student perspectives and understandings on masculinity and gender equality, inclusivity, diversity, identity, belonging, and their awareness of their own capacity and the needs of others


Xavier Family

1. Emphasise the quality of relationships throughout the College community, underpinned by respect, listening, thinking, reflection, discernment and conversation

2. Enhance the capacity for effective engagement, with particular attention to communication systems, that advance the College’s connection to our students and families, our staff, our Old Xaverians, our Residential (Boarding) community and the Xavier Social Justice Network

3. Promote connectivity, collaboration, partnerships and alignment within and beyond the College community

4. Support the work of the College and the Xavier College Foundation to enhance student accessibility and financial assistance, broader opportunities and College facilities

5. Examine enrolment trends and associated opportunities to ensure the College is known, relevant, connected and accessible to the community at local, regional, national and global levels

Our Professional



We are guided by principles that call us to:

1. Develop exemplary structures for staff professional development, formation and growth on their continuous learning journey, with attention to career guidance, leadership, teaching excellence, and coaching and mentoring

2. Support and enhance staff health and wellbeing, promoting good values, positivity and engagement

3. Enhance progressive professional practice through research, and connectivity and collaboration with other educational and industry sources

4. Embed a professional learning culture that thrives on reflective practice, constructive feedback, data utilisation, collaboration and alignment, with an attention to universal standards, expectations and effective performance and planning mechanisms

5. Foster a stimulating professional environment for all staff that values further learning, innovation, dynamic collaborations and collegiality, denoting Xavier College as an employer of choice and positively impacting upon the recruitment and retention of staff


Operational Excellence


We are guided by principles that call us to:

1. Achieve excellence in policy frameworks, documentation and implementation, with associated exemplary practices in risk and compliance governance, OHS and wellbeing, workplace conditions, incident management and sustainability

2. Achieve excellence in operational management and financial stewardship through exemplary budget constructs, analysis, controls, planning, scheduling and execution, as well as clearly defined and communicated actions that purposefully enact the strategic priorities

3. Effective data utilisation and analysis to inform the operational systems, processes and practices of the College

4. Implement exceptional ICT systems to allow Xavier to be an exemplary enabler, enhancing communication, analytical capacity and decision-making across the organisation

5. Enhance the educational setting for students, as well as other members of the Xavier family, with clear attention to innovative and sustainable practices, student input and the cultivation of a culture of deep inquiry, curiosity and shared purpose


Global Engagement


We are guided by principles that call us to:

1. Develop global perspectives and awareness that effectively balances and engages with local, regional, national and global interests, with emphasis to our care for humanity and the planet, and discerned attention to specific programmes of the Church, the Society of Jesus and the global community

2. Extend global awareness and mindsets to campus-based learning experiences, utilising ICT systems, and fostering relationships with external experts to enhance student engagement

3. Provide specific, transformative global experiences that students access through their educational journey at Xavier

4. Enhance student and staff perspectives of the global Jesuit network, its missions and services, with a view to connecting and engaging with other Jesuit ministries and educational institutions globally

5. Promote a culture of internationalism and global-mindedness, collaboration and connectivity through partnership ecosystems, with attention to schools, tertiary institutions and industry, in order to advance the perspective, experiences and capacity of students and staff

                        Welcome to the Xavier College Strategic Plan - XC150